Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wednesday - Saturday

For dinner, we go to this restaurant in Grangesises. It turns out to be pretty awesome. Great food, great service, good ambience, albeit a lil pricey. I have gnocchi and Crème brûlée. Both are too awesome for words, especially the latter. However, I end up paying 22 Euros for the meal.
Its venue lockdown today. Lockdown means all sorts of security is deployed, both computer related (port security, access control lists, IDS, etc.) and physical security (metal detectors, no entry without proper accreditation, etc). It also means a day off for us, to sleep!!
More work. Tonight, we have food at Guiseppe's (Beppe)(Italian) apartment. He cooks some pasta and I add in some Maggi Tomato Soup. We also watch True Lies in Italian. LOL.
Another long day. We spend pretty much the whole day deploying CIS (Commentator Information System) Workstations with their TouchScreens.


Blogger Hrishikesh said...

Did u get to see what sort of info was really available for the commentators?

11:17 AM, February 04, 2006  
Blogger Maverick said...

All sorts of info including
1.Background of sport
2.Current athlete

etc etc

Basically, all possible sorts of info a commentator would need. If you can think of something useful and its not there in CIS, I would be very very surprised! :P

8:56 AM, February 07, 2006  

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