Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend - Monday

The weekend is spent essentially sleeping and eating. On saturday night, we went for dinner to this mexican place. Surprisingly, they played "Mundian to bach ke rahi" in the background. Sunday nite is for apertivo as usual.

I go to TOROC office and meet Sabrina. The 4 ppl from Shanghai have arrived. I go along with them to the bank to pick up my first per diem, 1085 euros! :D After that, I head to the Main Accreditation Centre to pick up my accreditation card. Then, on to Palasport Olimpico for more hands on training.

Monday evening:
It turns out that my accreditation card will have to be changed as there is an error in my designation. Ill have to go there sometime. And Im supposed to leave for Cesana Pariol at 9.30 am. Hmmm


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