Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day 1

Paris: 0740
The flight reaches on time, but due to some problems it cant go to the terminal. So we stop somewhere and are ferried to the terminal by a coach! Not bad, the temperature is about 0 degrees C.
The transfer process takes ages, dunno why! Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport is kinda confusing, the signs are totally counter-intuitive. But its a nice airport nonetheless, and coming from our dear own Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSI :P) I can't really complain.
I buy a calling card and make a few phone calls back home.
Paris: 1240
The flight to Torino is supposed to leave now, but we still havent boarded. No idea whats going on.
Paris: 1400
Finally, we're airborne. Turns out the problem was some strike or union trouble and there was no one to load our baggage into the flight!
Torino: 1515
Flight lands, I collect my bags and out my way out, Im held by an undercover cop who asks me to open my bag. I do the needful and he checks that my bag doesnt contain anything it shouldnt. It doesnt and Im allowed to move on.
Sabrina is waiting for me at the airport along with a driver. Its a Lancia. Nice car, complete with GPS and all. Looks similar to the Nav Map in NFS ;)
I reach my apartment in a little while. Its a nice place. My roommate is Sylvian(France) and he's not here at the moment. He's gone to Roma for the weekend and he's gonna come back Sunday nite.
Torino: 1730
I go for a short walk around my block.
My neighbours drop in to say Hi. They've just got off work. My neighbours are Bart(Holland) and Remi(France). They're pretty nice guys.


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So when will you be actually starting work? Sundays are off, kya?


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