Monday, January 09, 2006

Day 3

My roommate Sylvain(France) comes back from this trip to Rome. We chat for a bit and head off to sleep. Gonna be a long day today.

Leave to go the TOROC (Torino Olympic Office). I have to take a tram from Via Madama Cristina. Now the funny thing is, I have to take a tram no 18. But i am told by Slyvain that it can be a bus or a tram. Wierd!
Anyways, I reach the TOROC office and 0900 and meet Sabrina. She gets an ID done for me. I then meet Mike Fisher (USA). He's a nice guy and takes me on a short trip around the office. I meet Alan and Paul (British). I am told that there is some conflict to be resolved as 2 different teams want me. So ill have to wait till it gets resolved.

I go for lunch with Mike, Paul and Alan. They're all fun guys and the last 2 are British. Need i say more?
We go to this Chinese resaurant and have pizza. Ironic huh? I had a pizza with tomatoes, mozarrella cheese, onions and oregano. Pretty good. After lunch, we head off to a coffee shop and i have a Cappucino. Im told its like an Italian tradition to have coffee after Lunch. The coffee was AWESOME! Barista and CCD SUCK! And the whole thing was pretty cheap too, paid 7.5 euros for the pizza, coke and coffee.
After coffee, we head back to work where i have a lot more waiting to do

Im still waiting. Meanwhile, this nice lady next to me gets an account created for me so i can use the Internet. Really helpful ppl all!
I surf the net and am blown away with the speed. Do a speed test and the results are 1 mbps :) Wish i had such a connection at home.

Finally, I decide to leave. Alan says to come tomorrow at 0930. He's gonna have a meeting with Paul Peterson then and I should be alloted to work soon.


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