Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I reach TOROC and Mike tells me that the trip to the mountains has been delayed. They will wait for the 4 ppl from Shanghai who are scheduled to come on Monday. So, me and prolly 1 of those Shanghai ppl will be going to the Cesana Pariol on Wednesday.
Cesana Pariol is going to be the event for Luge, Skeleton and Bobsleigh. Its looks awesome, can't wait to get there. Will be REALLY REALLY cold though.
I continue working with Maurizio on the elearning part.
I go to lunch with Paul, Mike and Alan. We are then joined by Paul Peterson (he was the one who had taken my interview and had been in touch with, met him for the first time today) and 3 other ladies.
I have Pasta Arrabiatta for lunch which is nice, and spicy by Italian standards. And oc, Cappucino afterwords.
I am done with work and will leave as soon as i finish blogging. The internet here is unbelievable.


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