Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I reach TOROC and am told by Mike that i will be working with Maurizio Gotta. The task is basically to create acounts and allot them courses for the elearning. Nothing fancy, but someone needs to do it. But sadly, the process cant be automated, some problems with that, hence i gotta do it manually.

After lunch, I buy a bar of Lindt dark chocolate. Its awesome.

We are going to watch a football match tonite. Its Juventus vs Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia. That is something similar to the FA Cup in England. I ask Maurizio and go to my apartment to pick up my camera, passport (apparently, all ppl buying tickets need to show passports....some sort of security precaution, i guess), etc. I am to go to the stadium with Fernando Mortara (more on him later). I get a bit late coming back and i just miss him. I am wondering how Ill reach the stadium, when he comes back...he had forgotten his keys. Lucky Me!

Anyways, we take a bus to the stadium - Stadio Delle Alpi where we are going to meet many more of Atos ppl.

Fernando is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pretty nice, chilled out guy. Was fun talking with him and comparing lifestyles in Bombay and Sao Paulo.

We all meet at the Stadium and buy tickets for La Tribuna Ovest. It costs 15 euros. Not too bad. The seats are awesome though, right on the halfline. They are a little low, but good nonetheless. The match turns out to be a very much one-sided affair. Juve are 3-0 up in about 20 minutes and the match is as good as over. The Juve fans are chanting and its a nice atmosphere. However, as the stadium is about half-empty, its not that noisy.
The Fiorentina fans, seeing their team playing badly start throwing chairs and the security step in. Luckily, no ppl were too near them to get hurt. But then, thats what you expect in an Italian football match, especially when the 2 clubs are old rivals.
It is REALLY cold at the stadium!! and the refreshments are'nt too great either.
However, the football is good and Juve win 4-1 thanks to a hattrick by Del Piero.

The match and we try to make our way back to our apartment. After looking around for buses or trams and finding none, we decide to take a taxi. The trip costs about 20 euros which gets split 4 ways, so its 5 euros per head. Not bad.

Sylvain tries some Indian snacks and finds it a lil too spicy. He did like it though, he hadnt eaten anything like it before.


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