Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monday - Wednesday

More work. Its nice and cold for a change. When we leave Club Med after dinner, it is frosting and the temperature is 10 degrees below freezing! :)
Nothing new, just the usual work. The one surprising thing, was the lunch! Couldnt believe my eyes when I saw there was a vegetable preparation more commonly known in India as "kaanda-bateta" (a vegetable of onions and potatoes with gravy). It was pretty good, almost like what we have in India.
We begin with Implementation soon, and we will be working this weekend for sure. We have to implement over 50 computers in 2 days. Should be fun.
Today, there were practice runs going on for luge and skeleton. The Italian team and FIL were present. Even in the trials, they go REALLY fast, believe me!
Tomorrow, I have to go to the Main Accreditation Center(MAC) / Uniform Distribution Centre(UDC) to pick up my new accreditation and the uniforms, which I'm told are the colours of Holland. Yep, they're Orange! I mean, the uniform is Orange in colour and not the accreditation (I think I'm sounding like a PG Wodehouse novel ;))


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