Sunday, January 29, 2006

Thursday - Sunday

Well, the work continues. Its starting to get pretty cold here. Everyone is praying for snow, especially for events like Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, etc.
Surprise, Surprise! Its snowing in the city, we hear. And it usually never snows there. Its starting to frost a bit here too. Last night, on the way home, the temperature outside for -10 degrees and it was frosting. Visibility was bad!
I go to the city to pick up my new accreditation and my uniform. I am driven to the city by 3 guys from Kyocera. They are for Reprographics. Their names are Marco Groccia, Marco Panzetta and Francesco Stuppia.
After picking up all the stuff, I head over to Zuo Nan's apartment for dinner. They are about 8-9 of us there. Most of them Chinese. Only Sylvain and I are the ones not from China there.
After dinner, we drive back to the mountains with Ben Fisher.
Finally, we have laundary service in Grangesises. More work continues meanwhile. It always alternates between lots of work and just sitting around not doing much. Anyways, its snowing a lot.
I am supposed to go to work today. But Gengi (my VITM) calls and says not to come today as there is lots of snow and not many people have turned up.
I open the door of my room and all i see is fog. It ends up pretty much snowing all day.
Later, in the evening, I go with Luc to Club Med for dinner, where we are met by Gwen and Ben. After dinner and some pool, we head over to Luc, Gwen and Gideon. We spend a lot of time playing on his XBox. We play Dead or Alive 2, NFS underground 2, Tony Hawk 4, etc.
I go to work. The volunteers have come today. They are introduced to us and we take them around for a short tour.
The other interns are saying something about going to SnowBoarding. There is a competition in Montgenevre and all the stars who will take part in the Winter Games are supposed to be there.


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