Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sunday - Thursday

I think this is the last Sunday Im going to get off. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.
We continue with Implementations. Nothing really new.
Today, BJ (Bart Jan from Holland), who is the Assistant VITM at Bardonecchia comes to our venue to pick up some toner. He is really impressed with the venue. Its just too beautiful for words. We go walking around the venue and go to the start of the Bob. The view from there is amazing. You can see the whole venue and also catch a nice view of Cesana San Sicario, which is the venue for Biathlon.
More work continues. In the afternoon, at about 4 pm, I get a call from Caroline Brunelliere, who is the Duty Manager for Staffing for Atos. She tells me that she has a ticket for me for the Dress Rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony. Yippie!
I speak to my VITM and leave early, and reach the city to see the Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal. In one word, it was AMAZING! According to me, it still needed a bit of polishing at a couple of places, but it was pretty good nonetheless.
More work continues. Its the last day before the games start! Implementation is completed, so its just fire-fighting at the moment.


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